Fun Shelter Dog: Maisey

I spent some time over the weekend hanging out with my pals at the shelter. I absolutely love this part of what I do. I get to meet so many great dogs. They don’t know me and I don’t know them but somehow when we get together we are always able to have some fun and create some great images to share with our friends out there in the world.

Maisey_March 21, 2016_21

Maisey is a friendly Jack Russel mix. Maisey is a pretty tiny mix breed dog but she is a little spitfire. She is friendly and fun.

Maisey_March 21, 2016_40

Maisey also has a wild side. She is calm but if you want to play she can get ready to go in a heartbeat. Show her some toys and talk to her in a playful voice and she will scamper all over and play like there is no tomorrow.

Maisey_March 21, 2016_88

Maisey is available for adoption at the Chemung County SPCA. Please help me bring attention the fine work that the Chemung County SPCA does providing a safe haven for these dogs by supporting my Indiegogo campaign:

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